Call de Girona was, from the cultural point of view, one of the most important Jewish communities in the West. At the moment it is the best conserved call in Europe. 
Call, from Hebrew Kahal (קהל), is the word used to name the various Jewish quarters in Catalan.
A document from the year 888 already mentions the presence of some 25 families of mosaic religion.
Girona Call began to be formed from the 12th century on the Carrer de la Força when Jewish families settled before living in the vicinity of the cathedral.
There they reached an average of 800 people.
In the city, important thinkers such as Jacob ben Sehet Gerundí, the poet Mesulam ben Selomó de Piera, and the great philosophers Ezra ben Salomó and Azriel de Girona developed their theories.
However, the most important figure was the doctor, poet, philosopher and ex-prescriber Mosse ben Nahman, better known as Bonastruc ça Porta.
From the Cabala school in Girona, the first group of Cabalists from the Iberian Peninsula ...Traduction

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