Carp (Cyprinus carpio)
This freshwater fish is present on all continents except Antarctica. In some parts of Europe, carp are very popular in fishing and there are specific baits for catching them. In the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Croatia carp is a traditional Christmas dish. It is also in Jewish cuisine, where it is prepared in pickle for the celebration of Passover or Jewish Passover.
In our country they are a symbol of the city of Girona. Visible from all the bridges that cross the Onyar, they are a reason for attention for locals and strangers alike. Despite the rises and falls in the water level of the river, often with very little flow, they are perfectly appreciable, and they are often thrown to pieces of bread, which are devoured with fruit by the fish. The specimens of the images have been photographed from the bridges of Sant Agustí and the Peixateries Velles, good observatories to see these animals.

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