In the 15th century, a rosemary fair was held in Barcelona on the occasion of Sant Jordi. They came mainly to boyfriends, promises and young marriages, and this suggests that the custom of giving away a rose has its origin in this celebration, which was celebrated in the Palau de la Generalitat de Catalunya. It was proposed to turn this date into a precept party for the first time in 1436, when the proposal was made to the Catalan Parliament. The proposal would be effective in 1456. Since the 15th century, in Catalonia Sant Jordi's day is the day of lovers, and it is customary for couples to give away a red rose "like blood" and a book. To the popularity of the saint, the monarchs Pere el Catòlic, Jaume I or Pere el Cerimoniós, contributed. Although traditional, the popularization of the gift of giving roses was actively restored in 1914, thanks to the impulse of the Commonwealth.

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