Although at the moment, in Girona, a single procession of Holy Week, that of Good Friday, is celebrated until the first quarter of the nineteenth century, and from its origins, there were two, the one on Holy Thursday, also called the Purest Blood - and the one that has followed until today of Good Friday - the one of Passion and Death.
In the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries an exit on Holy Thursday was organized by the Brotherhood of Saint George, which was accompanied by several steps such as the Holy Christ (1771), and the Cross of the Improperis (1766), among others. From at least 1751, the handler of Manaies accompanied these manifestations.
With the founding in 1684 of the Arxiconfraria de la Pasión y Muerte, this happened to be the one in charge to organize the procession.
After a period of non-celebration of these events, between 1932 and 1939, the last year in which it was celebrated again, in 1940, Bishop Cartañà unified the two processions in one single on Friday Saint

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