Flowers for Türkiye & Syria

The project is now closed, with 53 works by photographers and artists from 23 countries. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all whose talents made this project possible. -Sylvie D. & Ron Cohen

This project was open to anyone who wished to share a flower photo in solidarity with our friends in Turkey and Syria, who are experiencing a national tragedy.

Millions of people are homeless and more than 50,000 people have died after the earthquake in Türkiye & Syria. You can make a difference by contributing to the Red Cross or Red Crescent. Following are a few donation sites, and site lists:

"Regarding the artwork, I was inspired by a news story about a 7 years old sister covered brother's head to protect him when both were under collapsed building. In the artwork, I didn't draw the sister but the hand holding the child represents the sister as well as the individuals who have sacrificed themselves for the sake of earthquake victims."
Michael Ackzien - Germany​​​​​​​

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