Girona is located at the narrowest point of the historical route that crosses the Pyrenees, a place of passage described as both the last bridge to Africa and the first boulevard in Europe. The presence of man from the most remote stages of the Paleolithic has been archaeologically attested in its surroundings. Due to its strategic location on the Via Augusta, the Romans established a fortification there, called Gerunda , around the years 75 and 76 AD.

Christianity was introduced to the Roman city during the 3rd century. After the fall of the Roman Empire in 476, Girona depended on the Visigoth monarchs until 711, when it was subdued by the Arabs. In 785, the people of Girona surrendered to Charlemagne, who created the county of Girona , the initial nucleus of the Hispanic Marca. In 878, Count Guifré I unified the counties of Barcelona and Girona.

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