The first reliable documentary data on the existence of manaies in Girona dates back to 1751. On this date, it is known that four manaies guarded the "mystery" of the Holy Sepulcher in the Church of Carmen during the Holy Thursday and that they opened also the procession. From that moment on, the manaies participate, leading them, in the two processions that took place during Holy Week in Girona: that of Holy Thursday (organized by the Royal Brotherhood of the Immaculate Blood, founded in Girona in 1568) and the one of Good Friday (organized by the Arxiconfraria of the Passion and Death, founded in 1684).
They then wore a pair of armor and helmet with a top, a layer that was red for the Thursday procession and blue for the Friday and, additionally, lukewarm beardings to hide their identity. They hit the ground with the spear, characteristic that has remained until today, and probably they already realized the traditional "star" figure. They accompanied with flute music and tabals for t

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