The sculpture La copa, currently located at the intersection of Passeig de Canalejas with Carrer de Berenguer Carnicer, is an artistic vessel designed in 1924 by the municipal architect Ricard Giralt Casadesús and made by a Girona stonemason. The cup is a copy of one of the Greek vases in the Tuileries Gardens in Paris.
In 1924, La copa was located in a small garden in front of the then inaugurated Post Office on Avinguda de Ramon Folch. That's when people started calling her Ace of Cups. Later, in 1933, La copa withdrew from this location, probably because it disturbed the Trade Fair held in this place, and was kept in municipal warehouses for a few years. Towards the fifties, it was decided to place it in the current place coinciding with the urbanization of the area. Its function is purely decorative and its name has ended up naming this place in the city.

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